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Yakutia International Science Games

10 july 2018 at 17:00

Yesterday, on July 10, Triumph Sports Training Center hosted numerous guests and participants of the 1stInternational Science Games in Yakutsk.
The main heroes of this significant event were 700 gifted children from 18 foreign countries and 17 regions of the Russian Federation. The welcome speeches of the honorable guests were addressed them. A solemnity was given by the parade of flag-bearers of the countries participating in the International Science Games.

In honor of the first world Games of Mind, congratulations were received from the Minister of Education of the Russian Federation Ms. Olga VASILIEVA, Nobel Prize Laureate, Honorary Chair of the International Science Games Committee, Mr. Zhores ALFEROV, Executive Secretary of the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO Mr. Grigory ORDZHONIKIDZE. Young intellectuals and their mentors were welcomed in a video message of Mr.Aisen NIKOLAEV, Acting Head of the Republic: "Today the world is changing rapidly: the forthcoming digital age is erasing all borders and all distances. What will this new world be like, depends on you, dear friends. Without any doubt, you are the future intellectual elite of the planet and our Russia, which seeks to take a place in the world, which corresponds to a great scientific and technological power, “. AisenSergeevich noted, the intellect always had and is of special importance for the Yakut people, because only thanks to the energy of knowledge, the multinational people of Yakutia, having overcome the harshest, most extreme climatic conditions, could master and keep a huge territory comparable in area with India for ages.

The significance of the event was also noted by the honorable guests of the International Science Games. Other congratulations were expressed by Acting Chairof the Government of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) Mr. Vladimir SOLODOV, State Councilor of Yakutia, First President of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) Mr. Mikhail NIKOLAEV, Professor of the National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, President of Asian Physics Olympiad, Chair of the Program Committee of International Science Games Mr. Leong Chuan KWEK and First Deputy Chair of the Committee of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation for Science, Education and CultureMs. Lilia GUMEROVA.

Professor Leong Chuan KWEK outlined the mission of the International Science Games - creation of suitable conditions for realization of creative abilities among children, friendly and scientific interaction of countries. "Not all smart people are creative. Creativity is a very complex process that needs to be constantly encouraged, to create a certain environment for its development. I wish you to maintain your interest in scientific research, your passion for new discoveries. Also try to find new friends in these Games. It is quite possible that in the future you will become scientific colleagues, "he said to the forum participants.

A greeting from the Chair of the Federation Council Ms. Valentina MATVIENKO was given by the first Deputy Chair of the Committee on Science, Education and Culture of the Russian Federation Ms. Lilia GUMEROVA to the forum participants.
"Today, our society faces a global challenge - to build a "smart economy" based on production of unique knowledge and opening up new opportunities for breakthrough development and long-term growth. We have to carry out large-scale work to create conditions for development and wide application of robotics, artificial intelligence, unmanned vehicles, electronic commerce and large data processing technologies”.

In this regard, the development of a system of support for gifted children and their involvement in engineering and creative creativity today is relevant and in demand, "- the senator said.
Citizens and guests of the Republic expressed their respect with a storm of applause at the speech of the first President of Yakutia, State Adviser of the SR (Ya) Mr. Mikhail NIKOLAEV.

"Good evening, the great people!", Mikhail Efimovich addressed them.
"Today we gathered at the opening of a landmark event on a vast territory of the Earth. You, future Nobel Prize winners, you are preparing for this, strive for this. The great Isaac Newton wrote to his friend Robert Hooke in 1676: "If I saw further than others, then because I stood on the shoulders of giants." And now the scientific community stands on the shoulders of Newton himself and other famous scientists of the world. If we used to say "brawn instead of brain", today the mind is valued in Russia, "he said.

Mr. Mikhail NIKOLAEV mentioned in 1996 Yakutia hosted Children of Asia International Sports Games for the first time. Now they are held every four years under the patronage of the International Olympic Committee and cover the entire Asian continent. The Games were organized to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the modern Olympic movement on the initiative of the first President of the Sakha Republic(Yakutia).

"The world has accumulated vast experience in carrying out large-scale events on development of science including a fundamental experience accumulated in Yakutia. Everyone knows how important is the development of children's abilities to science at their school age. Think during the International Science Games how to continue this work in the future, " Mr. Nikolayev advised the organizers of YISG.

In turn, the ActingPrime Minister of Yakutia Mr. Vladimir SOLODOV also stressed an importance of building a global intellectual network. "We cannot be more competitive, being closed in one region, a country and even a continent," he said.
Vladimir Viktorovich wished everyone bright ideas and freedom of creativity. It should be noted that he congratulated the audience in his native Russian and perfect English, which once again proves that Yakutia is ready to declare itself to the whole world. On this solemn note, the Acting Chairof the Government of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) declared the 1st International Science Games open.

Press Service of YISG