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Yakutia International Science Games

12 july 2018 at 19:00

The program of the Yakutia International Science Games still continues, and today at the Faculty of Natural Sciences Building of M.K.AmmosovNEFU the competitions in robotics “Games of Robots” have started. As we were told by the organizer in charge, the Head of the NEFU Junior Computer Academy VasiliyMaximov this event is a team competition where 20 school teams are participating. All the teams are from the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) and the Republic of Kazakhstan. During 3 days children will be constructing and programming robots in three categories – circuit races, cargo port (cargo sorting and delivery) and sumo.

Today in the morning hours the opening of the competitions was held along with the foreign experts’ presentations.

Eduard Kondratiev, Deputy Minister of Education and Science congratulated the participants on the competitions’ start on behalf of the authorities of the Ministry of Education and Science RS(Y). He wished everyone successful performance.

Experts in robotics including foreign experts will be monitoring and evaluating the works of the participants. These experts are representatives of the countrieswhich are the most advanced in robotics.  TatsumasaKitahara is an expert from Japan, the Representative Director of the Global Scientific Education Association. There are experts from South Korea as well: Sung Won Seo,  Doctor of Science, Senior Researcher at the Global Institute for Talented Education of the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology and Kim Hemock, Senior Research Associate of the same Institute. 

The foreign experts have held very interesting presentations and demonstrated promo-videos to the participants and their supervisors on the robots created by their students. So, the guest from Japan TatsumasaKitahara spoke about how he had started working with ICT in the field of education and human capital 15 years ago and about being an organizer of the grand competition in robotics where young people aged 12 to 19 can participate. He noted that nowadays it is very popular among Japanese parents to have their children engaged in robotics and IT-programming. The Doctor of Science from South Korea Sung Won Seo told about the KAIST camp where everything is provided for classes in robotics.

Press Office of the the Ministry of Education and Science