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Yakutia International Science Games

13 july 2018 at 10:00

A volunteer is someone who performs gratuitously useful work for society, sometimes with risk or loss for themselves: some of them help during natural disasters, search the lost people, preserve cultural values and natural resources, others help in organizing various events. All this is often free.

To declare a volunteer’s year is perhaps the best way to recognize the merits of those who are ready for self-sacrifice, to encourage new people to voluntarily help others. A volunteer at International Science Games is a universal «combat and tactical unit» necessary for optimal and successful functioning of the Games infrastructure, able to speak all the world’s languages (even the Elvish), having the gold badge of the Ready for Labor and Defense, at least two Oscar and Grammy Awards, and IQ=125. What does a volunteer do during the Games? It depends on their specialty: a friendly attaché, an irreplaceable assistant in a kitchen or a sociable interpreter. Even despite the variety of volunteering roles — they are interchangeable, as many of them know English at least on a conversational level and are always ready to help foreign guests. «I’m here for fun»

Olga, a volunteer at Republic’s Lyceum – Boarding School, was sitting on the bench near the entrance and kindly shared some of the details of volunteering at the International Science Games.

Olga, what do you expect from the Games and what motivated you to volunteer?

In fact, I expect a lot: new acquaintances, a lot of fun, I want to gain experience of communicating with people, improve my language skills. I came here spontaneously — I was completely bored at college; in summer I have nothing to do that’s why I am here. I think many here are for these reasons — boredom and search for oneself, knowledge and study of foreign cultures and languages.

Are volunteers given any awards and other privileges?

No, we aren’t. That’s why it is a true volunteering.

What difficulties do volunteers face?

Perhaps for some of us — a language barrier, and for others — stress, because we should always be ready to fix the problem, to help someone. Besides, for me, as an attaché, hot Yakut summer complicates the work very much.

How, in your opinion, will the reputation of Yakutia change after the YISG? Will the Republic obtain any innovations, technologies?

These Games will be able to develop diplomatic relations of Yakutia worldwide, the Republic will be able to declare itself, characterize itself as something independent. Well, and it will definitely introduce innovations. Even after Children of Asia Games sport has developed a lot in our region. In the case of YISG, science and education will certainly develop.

In the end, I would like to note: do not be rude with volunteers, respect their work and promote their activities, because working for the idea during a high heat is a very noble occupation.

Danil Parnikov, YISG Multimedia School

Translation: Konstantin Popov